Below The Roof

There are immeasurable ways to evaluate the strength and depth of friendships. Most friends occupy a certain level of comfort or closeness to us, and that proximity may only extend to a shared hobby or regularly scheduled activity. Closer friendships might be bonded by time or shared experiences. Our deepest friendships are those tested by both time and trial, strengthening in the face of adversity.

“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.” Proverbs 17:17

Being human, we are all, at times, unlovable. We are peculiar and particular whether we like to admit it or not. Even “go with the flow” individuals can find themselves frustrated when surrounded by rigidity and inflexibility. None of us are immune to selfishness, complaining and venting, and frustration. Humanity is the plight of our existence while attempting to live in light of eternity.

If you have friends who’ve made it to the inner circle - the ones who’ve shown enduring love, who’ve stood beside us in battle, ready to charge the enemy or slay the dragon - they’re probably ones you’d consider blood despite no actual relation. Steadfast, supportive, and determined; Mark 2 friends.

Carry us to higher places friends.

Break up hard ground friends.

Dig through barriers friends.

Trust what’s below the surface friends.

Make room for us friends.

Believe for us friends.

Point us to Jesus friends.

Speak truth even when it’s hard friends.

Maybe a way to measure the depth of friendship is this: would you stop at nothing to help because you know what’s below the roof? Would they? Would you both be willing to do hard work to tear down whatever stands in the way of truth? To help carry a heavy burden? To press on when others might give up? To hold fast to faith when all hope seems lost?
Real. Powerful. Authentic. Rooted-in-truth, grounded-in-love friendship.
A friend who sees through walls and barriers to Jesus, who fearlessly speaks and receives truth because the condition of our hearts and souls matters most, and faith and love so big that nothing comes between it. These are friendships that love at all times, in the face of trial and adversity, and endure despite our inclination toward self-preservation. They are bonded by salvation and cultivated in sacrifice. They know what’s below the roof.
May we know these friends, may we be this friend.

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